Great Movie Ride – Episode 002: Pirates of the Caribbean

Host Donald Hallene III discusses how Pirates of the Caribbean became a world famous theme park attraction, then how it inspired a world famous film franchise, and finally how those films re-inspired the attraction. Lots of fun Disney Trivia her, Savvy?


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SoundCloud Link Articles: Part One, Part Two

Episode 002: Pirates of the Caribbean – Running Time 52:14


Great Movie Ride – Episode 001: An Introduction

This is the first episode of the new podcast hosted by myself. It is based on a series of articles I will be writing for

The podcast will be released in conjunction with the posted articles, and will be about how motion pictures and theme park attractions inspire and borrow from each other. A little bit film nerdery, a little bit theme park trivia, it should be a fun “ride”

This episode is just an introduction to the show. The next episode will be a full discussion.

Episode 001: An Introduction

Welcome to the Wildest Ride on the Interent


Well, that may not be true, but anyway, this is the Great Movie Ride Podcast…blog. It’s just a place for us to host the podcast, as most of the real talkin’ is going to go on at and, the real homes of this show.

The show is going to talk about movies and theme park attractions and how they interact and co-exist and inspire one another. A little film nerdery and a little theme park trivia. Should be interesting. The first episode will be up momentarily.